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At Speech Pathologist Perth a thorough assessment starts with us listening to your story and situation, as you know your child best.

Gathering personal and background information is integral to the planning of your child’s assessment and treatment. Following the discussion, a more personalized, in-depth assessment will be suggested to target your child’s specific situation.

Clinical assessment may be informal or formal depending on what your child presents with and how old your child is.

Following the initial discussion and assessments, a treatment plan will be offered should your child require ongoing therapy. There is an option to receive a verbal report or a formal written report. If you select to receive a formal written report a complimentary report will be sent to the referring source.

Please enquire about these options at your appointment.


Once the assessment has been completed and determined, a more personalized intervention plan will be devised. Goals will be established in consultation with the family.The family is encouraged to be at the sessions, as this allows effective follow-up therapy to be completed at home between sessions.If the service is delivered at school and a parent cannot be present, an e-mail or phone call will be made at the end of the day. Follow up contact will provide the family with information on what occurred in the session and any home practice to be completed.The sessions are usually 1:1 as each child learns differently and at a different speed. The time can vary between half an hour up to an hour. This will depend on the intervention required and how old your child is.Please contact the office for further information on how Speech Pathologist can assist you.

Speech Therapy

All children have a story and this is where therapy first commences – listening to the parents who are the voice of the child. The child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the family’s concerns, are what drive the type of assessment and therapy.Our individual therapy sessions are aimed at children aged between 2 – 12 years old. Therapy can be arranged for a time that is convenient for you.Clinics: Perth or Mobile Service Schools: As all staff have a Police Clearance Certificate and a Working with Children’s card they can provide services within the school setting and daycares.Sessions are generally booked for thirty minutes or an hour, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The amount of time varies as to the age of the child and the treatment being accessed.All sessions aim to be fun and filled with motivating games and activities. We always tailor our sessions to your child’s specific needs, likes and abilities.